What does it take to Compete?

All it really takes to compete is the desire. You don't need a certain amount of experience, and you don't have to have a certain amount of mass. If you've never seen a drug-free contest, go check one out and see what the competitors truly look like, then decide if you think you're ready. Or check out one of the drug-free bodybuilding publications such as Fitness & Physique magazine (www.FitnessandPhysique.com). This magazine features coverage of many drug-free contests. You can scope out the level of competition and decide if you think you're ready or not. Just be sure you're checking the coverage of local level shows and not coverage of a National show when you make your decision, and keep in mind that usually only the top competitors are the ones who get pictures published as part of the contest coverage. Oxygen Magazine is another great source for fitness and figure competitors.

To enter a contest, competitors typically must submit an entry form and there is usually an entry fee which helps cover the costs of producing the shows (facility rental, awards, etc.). Entry fees are usually around $25-50. Many shows require competitors to pay a drug-testing fee also. This usually ranges from $25-$45 for polygraph testing or around $10-20 each for urine testing. And an organization membership is usually required for all competitors too. By being member of an organization, competitors are covered under the organizations insurance policy. Memberships typically run around $30-50 per year. So all in all, a competitor usually has to pay out around $100 to compete in one show for an organization, and about $60 for additional shows with the same organization during the same year (membership fee not necessary for subsequent shows).

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