• IFPA Pro Danika Johnson

    What made you get started in physique contest?
    It was actually my husband who got me into weight training, which lead to my first competition. I was a three sport athlete growing up, but never really paid much attention to strength training. I met my husband in college and he began strength training with me. Two years later, I began working with a personal trainer and he covinced me to enter into my first competition. I actually competed in the figure division at my first show! From then on I was hooked and loved the way I was able to scuplt my physique through bodybuilding and strength training.

    Who are your role models?
    I have a few. My husband is my first. His perserverance with everything he does is so admirable. He finds balance in life always, which is so important and often forgotten. He also never settles, he's always pushing outside his comfort zone with all aspects of life- career, physique, goals, etc. I definetely look up to him in many ways. -Dana Lynn Bailey and Chady Dunmore are Fitness Icons that I look up to as well. They stay true to their morals and values, and don't lose sight of where they started their journey. They have both strongly impacted my fitness endevours and continue to inspire and motivate me everyday.

    What are your short/long term goals in this sport?
    Short Term Goals- I would love to continue to build my fitness modeling portfolio through booking more photoshoots and networking with Magazine Editors and Managers. I want to continue to write inspiring and motivating articles for blogs and magazines as well. I have recently been helping other competitors with their competition prep and posing, and would love to build the competitors I work with and train, both on season and off. Another goal of mine is to become a sponsored athlete for a reputable sports supplement and nutrition company that follows the same principles with wellness and fitness as I do. Long Term Goals- I would love to be self-employed, owning a beautiful fitness studio, offering competition prep, wellness and fitness plans as well as diabetes education/wellness plans. With this, I hope to establish a permanent column in a fitness magazine- where I am reaching out to others on a larger scale, writing on health and wellbeing overall. Read More...

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